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06-01-18: KemonoArt has been around a long time. We started as a manually updated site of html files, clumsily made and focused on delivering you the art of some of the oekaki greats. Then, as we grew in popularity, we developed a basic php system to allow for dynamic updates. There were dreams of more, and money was spent, but at the end of the day, bad decisions were made, and the growth that was desired was never able to be attained. In time, bots and automated scripts forced us to shut down the forums and the oekaki we had. And today, we reach another milestone of converting the site back into a static set of webpages. This will be the final update.

The artists I know how to reach have had their contact information updated. Some have faded away, some still post. In the mean time, their older works will remain archived here as a testament to time.

If you think you can help to get things going again, well... Don't worry about it. I'll be leaving the site up as an archive, but this is officially the end. However, please realize that the domain and hosting still cost about $120 a year to maintain, so if you would like to donate to keep the archive alive, send me an e-mail at Kemonoart@gmail.com and I'll fill you in on how to send me money. Thanks for continuing to watch my dead site.

-Tobias Amaranth

Tobias Amaranth can be contacted at FurAffinity.
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